Ms. Smita Patil

Ms. Smita Patil Rajkot

Hi, I would like to say a big thank you for the wonderful journey that I had withMarshal Trading Company, with regards to my booking and delivery. At the very outset I must say a big thank you to Marshal Trading Company for taking me through all the rigmaroles of booking a new vehicle, he was constantly updating me on the status of the vehicle with regards to RTO, Insurance, taxes, passing etc. The delivery was very well handled and Marshal Trading Company personally handed over all the documents and guided me through the instruction of the vehicle. Thanks Marshal Trading Company. Keep the spirit going. Thanks & Regards.

Mr. Rishabh Patel

Mr. Rishabh Patel Rajkot

Hello I had booked a Thar LX D AT from Marshal Trading Company, in mid December 2020 in the name of my brother. At that time I was given tentative delivery date of 23rd July, 2021. At that time I asked Marshal Trading Company to make it 15 July as it is my birthday and he smiled and he said “Sir we will try our best”. Since then, I had been constantly in touch with Marshal Trading Company regarding the status of the vehicle and Marshal Trading Company everytime answered all my questions and also answered all my numerous calls. Marshal Trading Company has been very co operative throughout the 7 months of the waiting period. And also, Marshal Trading Company kept his promise and delivered the vehicle to me on my birthday, on 15th July, 2021. I am very delighted and happy to be composing this email. I am writing this email voluntarily without anyone asking me to do so, because I am very happy and impressed with the service and I am also very thankful for Marshal Trading Companys co operation. Everything was explained to me thoroughly by Marshal Trading Company at the time of delivery and everyone at the showroom was patient enough to let my family take their own sweet time to numerous pictures with the car. I would like to thank Marshal Trading Company for making my birthday memorable for me and also for the lovely gift, I really appreciate it. I am glad that I decided to purchase the vehicle from Marshal Trading Company. Thanks!

Mr. Abhishekh Mehta

Mr. Abhishekh Mehta Rajkot

Dear all I would like to thank Marshal and your team For giving me the delivery as per promise by Marshal if I have to give rate for Marshal and team mahendra I would give 10 out of 10 Marshal is one of the kindest sales person I met Thank you Marshal once again for making our day Have a great day Regards

Mr. Shivam Mehta

Mr. Shivam Mehta Rajkot

Hi Marshal Trading Company, Hope everyone is keeping safe in these tough times, We being into Pharma have been working even though there is a shut down. The reason to put this mail is to give feedback on the XUV300, having completed around 4000 km the car is amazing and worth all the wait. One cannot find flaws in the car, great ride comfort, and superior drivability for someone who drives the car 100 km daily. On the number front, it gives me an avg of 13.8 to 14.2 kmpl. One day I got into the car and there was some warning when I saw, it showed low air pressure in the spare tire (believe me this is the first time in my life went and got the spare tire air pressure tested), that made me then go and do it for my other car also which is a really good feature and work efficiently. My son has been enjoying the sunroof and the rear seat space where he keeps jumping. (by the way, he is just 3 and now refuses to sit in any other car). Thank you and the team for the same, also would like to mention Marshal, as he was one of the sales guys who never pestered for the sale and made sure the documentation process is very smooth with me being in a different state. I also would mention the support from your accessories team and the Goregaon workshop once I was in Vadodara to support the audio issue. Further, to my surprise, the Mahindra Sales and SUpport team in Vadodara has been amazing for service as well as some issue sorting which was needed. Thank you and stay safe, and take care. Regards

Mr. Dinesh Virani

Mr. Dinesh Virani Rajkot

Hi I own a petrol automatic Thar , purchased it from company dealershipMarshal Trading Company at Rajkot. She did come to me with some waiting but the dealership staff made the process of buying & delivery very smooth and special . I have driven vehicle for about 3000kms without anything to complaint. Drive Quality & Built Quality of New Thar is simply fab . She makes it super easy for me to deal with rough roads as well as busy city roads. She is stylish a head turner . However I think there can be improvements in few areas like more storage space, A dead pedal for Automatic variant and some bigger seats! However at the end The All new Thar gets a big Thumbs Up from me and a all 5 star rating! I look forward to discover new adventures with my New Thar.

Ms. Ekta Patel

Ms. Ekta Patel Rajkot

Dear Team I want to express a big thanks for making the experience of buying my first car a memorable one. The entire team was very helpful and addressed all my queries, even the smallest of them very promptly. Even the test drive etc. was made available as per our request. The team guided us well on the accessories and ensured that we received our vehicle in time. A special mention to Marshal for helping us kick start our journey. Best Regards

Ms. Hetvi Shah

Ms. Hetvi Shah Rajkot

Hi, received delivery of my thar on 27th March. Wanted to thanks Nishant sonami for his excellent service and salesmanship. He was courteous and patient through the process and was prompt in responding to queries. Thanks Nishant for all your help. Regards, Naina -- Cheers! Naina

Ms. Jyoti Pawar

Ms. Jyoti Pawar Rajkot

Hi, Thank you for the service you provided us during our car purchase. Finally we have received our car “on-time” and are happy with the customer service which Marshal provided during the car purchase process. Marshal was extremely patient, and I never felt pressurized to make any impulsive decision. He was an expert who knew the inside and out of new model of XUV300. He is extremely knowledgable in providing comparative data between model options and because of which we closed the deal on W8. He stayed in touch with me all the time which made the buying process even more enjoyable as it is our first car. He was fast to answer all my queries regarding what accessories to purchase, connecting me to concerned loan person, giving all specific information regarding car registration etc. Infact, he agreed to collect the payment cheque from my office as i had time constraint which is a plus. I can confidently say I will be returning to Marshal for future car purchases and recommendMarshal Trading Company and him to my family members (if interested in Mahindra). Thank you for all your support. Cheers!!

Mr. Manan Shah

Mr. Manan Shah Rajkot

Dear Team Mahindra, It gives me great pleasure to convey my thanks to the entire Marshal Trading Mahindra team - Rajkot for an amazing delivery experience of the New Thar. Firstly you have a great product in the New Thar and its delivery experience was made even more memorable by your team. Right from the demo of the vehicle to the test drive and finally vehicle delivery, the team was very supportive and gave great customer service. Kudos to You! And good luck! Regards, Manan Shah

Mr. Haresh Deshmukh

Mr. Haresh Deshmukh Rajkot

Hi guys, At the outset I must confess that you guys are the best. I am yet to see a more eager and a professional team with respect to customer service. The fact that you guys delivered the car in two weeks flat with the registration number is testament to your goal of achieving customer delight. In addition I have to accept that we were extremely demanding with respect to car number, delivery date, accessories etc. between all this, I never saw the smile escape from your face. I humbly submit that I am now a Mahindra convert. I would like to thank all of you who made this journey possible. Pl let me know if I miss out on anyone in the list below. Finally a big shout out to Girish and Marshal Trading Company. Awesome is a word which doesn’t do justice to the way you helped, guided and made our dream car possible. Regards.

Mr. Pramod Patel

Mr. Pramod Patel Rajkot

I take this opportunity to thank your entire team for making my delivery of XUV500 memoriable. The welcome was greeted with drinks and subsequently the formalities were easy and explained properly. The ribbon cutting ceremony along with song was having great feeling and family was quiet impressed with the same. The key handover was unbelievable. This entire process has given us lot of memories to store in our pockets. I would like to thankful to Marshal and this team for completing this entire process smoothly and easy way. I would once again thanks for Marshal Trading Team and all the best for future. Thanks and best regards Pramod Patel

Mr. Harendra Patil

Mr. Harendra Patil Rajkot

I had an excellent experience at Mahindra Marshal Trading Company“ Chose them as my dealership not only because I got the car that I want it Mahindra thar 2020, but because they offer you a excellent costumer service and great atmosphere. The sales person Mr.Marshal Trading Company was professional, was very help-full from start to the end of delivery of car ,and now I have my first car from Mahindra Marshal Trading Company .If you want a great buying experience and a nice car. I highly recommend Mahindra Marshal Trading Company Rajkot and Sales person Mr.Marshal Trading Company Idrisi. And also very heartfelt thanks to Mr.Marshal Trading Company from my son for the present he gifted to my son.

Mr. Rocky Mishra

Mr. Rocky Mishra Rajkot

I booked my Thar on the same day the booking opened i.e. on 2nd October, in a hope that the long wait will get over soon. And it was totally paid off by the Marshal Trading Team. There were issues in financing as well, and I had literally lost hope. But that too was resolved by the team with little interference of mine. A special mention to Mr Marshal for giving me regular updates about everything and delivering the vehicle on time as promised on the day of booking. Even on the day of the delivery, he extended his services beyond the working hours. Thank you.

Mr. Mihir Trivedi

Mr. Mihir Trivedi Rajkot

Hello Marshal Trading Company, I certainly was very excited with the idea of buying new car & i guess your support n prompt guidance made the overall experience very pleasant. From the start the way you went about your job was simply superb. Be it explaining all about the car till getting it delivered you ensured everything went smooth with whatever all within your control. Yes, the delivery of the car which was delayed by almost a month did make me think twice about buying this car but it was your timely updates & assurance gave me the confidence that my decision to buy this car was correct. Overall, it was a pleasant experience & You just ensured that it became even better. Thank you for all the support & perhaps the best Sales person Mahindra has. Regards, Mihir Trivedi

Mr. Akhilesh Chauhan

Mr. Akhilesh Chauhan Rajkot

Dear Marshal Trading Company, Thank you for a warm welcome to Mahindra family and I feel at home with this team. In fact wanted to highlight my experience with Kevin and Satyavan. It has been nothing less than marvellous!!! When I look at Kevin, he is the representative who was there in Dec 2019 to show me the vehicle and conduct a test drive and it took almost a year before the final purchase was made. It was his professional behaviour and humility that led me to contact him once we as family decided to pursue the purchase. He is an asset for your team and he went way beyond comfort even when he had met with accident on the day of scheduled delivery...in this difficult situation as well he coordinated with local team to ensure seamless experience. He is a great team player and filled with humility and understands the customer point of view...in my view, he a resource worth investing on and grooming him to take on broader responsibilities in near future. As far as Satyavan is concerned, he ensured that every accessory is deployed and didn’t hesitate to recommend that I should not waste money on few accessories as they had few issues and team is working on resolution. His candid approach in interest of the customer and transparency has a built a great trust with Mahindra team for me to have a long standing relationship. Trust me, I have been Honda customer for over 20years and I wasn’t sure if I will ever shift my experience to another brand...however, this team of yours has made it happen. Congratulations to you and your leadership to have groomed such team players who are maintaining a difficult balance of creating a win for both Mahindra and its customers. Btw, I am also club Mahindra member and I am enjoying the relationship with Mahindra group. Thank you again and wish you and your team continued successes in future aswell. As a contribution from my side, would like to offer to train Mahindra team on various leadership aspects cutting across attaining goals of life, managing balance and harmony in different areas including emotional and mental well-being. Do let me know and I will be humbled to train your staff for their own good and they will continue to be assets for your group. Please note there won’t be any fee for these programs

Mr. Vivek Tiwari

Mr. Vivek Tiwari Rajkot

Dear Marshal Trading Company, My contact person was assigned from the beginning of the 1st call and my first visit to Marshal Trading Mahindra, my queries about the car to booking the car and finally deliver was fantastic because of nishant as he is a lovely soul and extremely affectionate person in general, and that is so important in todays world. My wishes to you and your lovely team and specifically nishant. Warm regards Vivek tiwari CEO, atom ants productions

Mr. Saurabh Datta

Mr. Saurabh Datta Rajkot

Hi ! I dont have the generic email Id where I would have shared by overall experience regarding my purchase of XUV300 which got concluded recently with the delivery of vehicle on Thursday Nov 05. Let me take you thru the journey ... it all started with my decision to buy a new car in June 2020 as due to some unavoidable circumstances I had to leave my existing car at Lucknow when I went there by road to see my parents. It took me quite some time to shortlist XUV 300 after considering many factors and in this process to eliminate the shortlisted vehicles by doing test drive So the ones I did test drive Creta Venue Nexon - Multiple times Ford Eco And Obviously XUV300 - multiple time So Idris started engaging and clarified all my doubts that were clouding my mind regarding factors like service issues which so many YouTube videos talk about. It was his relentless engagement with me and never say die attitude that convinced me to book the vehicle somewhere in August. My doubts and questions continued even after the booking was done and Idris continued to guide me and clear my doubts with patience. I had lots of questions... and choosing between W6 and W8 was also a big financial decision which I had taken after he listed down the benefits of having company fitted features right from Alloy wheels to reverse camera to arm rest to dual zone climate control, cruise control...so on so forth. Finally the payments were done after I got the confirmation about tentative delivery ... the support and guidance for registration paper work to the final delivery was smooth and hassle free. I am from service industry and understand the importance of taking care of customer requirement even if handling some of them can be a real big challenge... one needs lots of maturity and conviction to deal with such customers. I am glad thatMarshal Trading Company has such mature team and Idris is shouldering this responsibility very well .... I am confident my subsequent interactions at all touch points will be as amazing as I had at the dealership .... I wish him success in his professional and personal life. These are testing times and we all have to take very good care of ourselves, family and people who are in need of our support. Lets support each other and help the Nation by taking good care of our health, spread awareness... Please be safe and festive greetings to all of you ... Regards, Saurabh

Mr. Santosh Shetty

Mr. Santosh Shetty Rajkot

My name is Santosh Shetty, i am writing this mail to Marshal and his absolutely efficient team, to express my gratitude for the delivery of XUV 500 crimson red Automatic. From the start i didnt preferMarshal Trading Company, as i went for the nearby dealer in ghatkopar, but i was in two minds with the car availablity. I got in contact with Mr Marshal, and it went in flow since then. They arranged my preferred color, and right from the start, right from payments and accessories it was all on point. Marshal had been co-ordinating very accurately with me, good communication skills and managing trait led a smooth and hasslefree journey. Special mention for also Mr Marshal in your team who led my journey to the best people in the business. I Would love to keep a good relationship with mahindra in future as well, thank you so much to the entire Mahindra Marshal Trading Team for a smooth and well co-ordinated experience. Regards Santosh Shetty

Shrikant Chandure

Shrikant Chandure Rajkot

Dear Anita Mam, I am very much happy and delighted with support received from Team Marshal Trading Mahindra and specially all the guidance and clarification of my doubts, support in choosing accessories, PDI and most important thing i.e. Registration of vehicle at RTO and Corporate discounts. I appreciate the efforts taken by Team Marshal Trading Mahindra and convey my sincere regards. Thank you So much.

Mr. Abhinav Sinha

Mr. Abhinav Sinha Rajkot

Dear Marshal Trading Company, Marshal, I am writing this mail in order to express my gratitude and satisfaction with the process of purchasing my new vehicle, the Mahindra XUV300 W8 Optional variant. To be honest, I was initially looking at a couple of other cars, but from the moment I entered your Mahindra showroom, I was surprised at the exceptional and high standard of quality, communication, and service provided by your staff, right from entry, all the way to Marshal, and the rest of the team which assisted me. As a business owner, sometimes the things that you appreciate most about a product are the people behind the product. Hence, I would specially like to thank Marshal, who worked really hard to ensure I get the car within my expected timelines. Not only that, but he was also extremely affable, knowledgeable, and went out of his way to ensure I was completely satisfied with my decision to buy the XUV300. Little touches like staying in touch on WhatsApp, urging me to stay at home so he can personally come for test drives and document signings, being incredibly upfront and clear without any marketing spin are some of the things that set Marshal apart from a lot of people at other showrooms. Moreover, whenever an issue arose, I knew I could rely on Marshal to be straightforward, problem solve, and provide a clear solution with very high level of communication skills. Hence, I decided to write in and just congratulate all of you on your excellent work - your sales team is a step above the competition, as is the car, as is the showroom, as is, indeed, Mahindra in general. Thank you for everything, and I will have no trouble strongly recommending my family and friends to visit your showroom, and speak with Marshal and team for a user friendly and pain-free experience in purchasing a car. Thanks!

Mr. Ashish Poojari

Mr. Ashish Poojari Rajkot

Dear Marshal Sir , Here is a Dream come true situation for us and all just because of the Marshal Trading Company TEAM and special Thanks to you Mr. Marshal) . Always a dream chase for me , since my childhood i was really passionate about Mahindra Vehicles all because of my father Mr. Sanjeeva A poojari Retired employee Mahindra & Mahindra. The trust which i had since, it felt the same while owning the Mahindra bolero BS6 Opt 2020, this really means a lot for me and my family, and all this was possible without any hassle . I just wanted to write you a note to thank you for your honesty and dedication while selling me my first ever new car . I have always been wary of car salesman, often with good reason, but you have helped to redefine the stereotype. Thank you so much for answering all of my questions honestly, and making that five-hour process not as painful as it otherwise could have been. I am Very happy with the car I purchased, and I am not freaking out about the purchase price. That is a pretty ideal situation when it comes to buying a new car and it is all thanks to you. I have found a great and friendly Salesmanship throughout the purchase and you have guide me appropriately and correct decision it was. The preference of mine taking a second new car would be always Marshal Trading Company...and we will continue to recommend your services to others . Keep up the great work , thanks again ... Best regards Ashish Sanjeeva Poojari

Mrs. Anisha Jhaveri

Mrs. Anisha Jhaveri Rajkot

We had been thinking of buying a new car since a long time ...the foremost decision was taken in the month of feb Haryana ,when we took a ride in a friend’s Xuv500...we loved the ride..once it was decided that we would go for an SUV and that too an XUV500 we contacted Mr Marshal Trading Company-the sales manager at Marshal Trading Company showroom of mahindra...we were called there and the car was shown with all the features explained to us well..we were also introduced to Ms Preeti who looks after the loan part from HDfc bank .we paid a booking amount of ₹11000.we requested them to give us the delivery in first week of July as it was our daughters birthday then. As the lock down was on and the company couldn not procure the spare parts ,they couldn not deliver us in July...but the loan application was done very efficiently by Ms Preeti and Mr anil and Mr Rahul and it was approved too.Finally, in the month of September ,the latest version of XUV500 was launched with a more powerful engine than the previous one ...we were very happy but by then our previous sanctioned loan had expired ..again the loan department team worked incessantly and to the extent where Mr anil came to our house for signatures...we took the delivery on Friday-18thseptember

Mr. Sunil Sharma

Mr. Sunil Sharma Rajkot

Dear Mahindra Team (Specially to Mr. Marshal Trading Company), I have a wonderful experience with Mahindra (Marshal Trading Company Branch) Car Showroom Centre from the day one when I call to Marshal Trading Company for Test Drive till the time I take Car at home. I feel very happy as an Indian also that our Indian company are working with such a zestful people. Mahindra have given many good features as compare to other automatic car such as Both Auto and Manual Transmission, etc. One of the good point of Mahindra Car is that it has given Deisel variant model in AMT which generally company avoid in heavy vehicle cars. Overall experience is very good and my family also feel the same, will share with you some photograps/moment of my family at the time of taking delivery of car. Thank You. Regards Sunil Sharma

Mr. Ashish Suryavanshi

Mr. Ashish Suryavanshi Rajkot

Hi,, We had over all very good experience with mahindra and mahindra while purchasing the XUV 300 mahindra car. This process started before 24th August 2020. Test drive was arranged by Marshal, it was good experience with car and Marshal. After that we had come to book the car xuv 300 at Marshal Trading Company, all the pricing, details, of the process was discussed in detail, on road price was told, exchange value of old car was done very nicely, good price was given offered to us. What kind accessories are required were told in detail by Marshal in this process. Car was shown properly in the show room while finalising the deal. Discount was also given. Payment procedure was also told by Marshal in very good way. When the car can deliver was told by Marshal in correct manner and very efficiently. Marshal is very good person and all the things were handled by him in efficient way.I would give the rating 10 out of 10 to him. While taking the deliver, at time also all the paper work was kept ready, what is required was total, detail of the car were told properly by Marshal. I am driving the car from 18th Sept 2020, car is very good.It is value for money car. SAFETY features are very good, which have seen it in E manual car in more detail. I got call from all the divisions, delivery in charge , sms from customer care manager Marshal Trading Company,call from technical team also. i had told them what kind help is required further. this is very good team of mahindra and Marshal Trading Company for the customer, that after the delivery of the car, anything is required to the customer and to take the follow up Regards Ashish Suryavanshi

Mrs Chanda Dube

Mrs Chanda Dube Rajkot

Marshal Mahindra Trading was the sales excutive who helped me a lot for choosing the right car for me and my family . He understood all our requirements and guided us for the best mahindra car that is xuv 500 he helped us in all the processes and updated on all the steps and kept us informed about each and everything of the car. Finally 1-09-2020 was my car delivery date and even during these covid times he made it the best possible and wonderful delivery experience for us. We are really thankful to him and hope he would futher assist us in the future for all our purchase of mahindra cars from Marshal Trading Company. Really happy and thankful for my journey of buying the car from Marshal Trading Mahindra and senior sales executive who made it very hassel free and easy experience for me and my family .

Mr. Sandeep Ghanekar

Mr. Sandeep Ghanekar Rajkot

Dear Team Mahindra, I am long time SUV user and this is my 3rd SUV purchase. I planned this buy and after lot of online comparison, narrowed down on Mahindra XUV500 Plush. Due to lockdown, I reached out to your dealer Marshal Trading Company, Rajkot, over phone and we got in touch with their executive. From that point onwards, Marshal Trading Company took complete ownership of the entire buying process, right from test drive, patiently explaining vehicle features, to getting best valuation of my old car, to best financing option to helping with making decision about the model and color, all the way to an extremely pleasing delivery experience. This is my 5th vehicle purchase and I must say that the entire experience was absolutely exemplary and the best, I have experienced in my life. What stands out is that the entire process happened at the peak of lockdown and it was delivered to me in an absolutely seamless manner, all from the comfort and safety of my home. Thank you team Marshal Trading Company, in particular, for delivering a great buying experience. Looking forward to an equally great experience in after-sales-service as well. Regards Sandeep Ghanekar

Mr. Karan Singh

Mr. Karan Singh Rajkot

Hi, I am writing this mail to thanks Mahindra For the wonderful after sales service and having the awesome employees like VINAL VISHRAM GURAV and Marshal Trading Company TAURO. I got a minor problem in my new vehicle XUV300(O). I called Marshal Trading Company, my RM and told her about the problem, within a min she connected me to the service station and tried her level best to solve it asap. She connected me to Vinal, and asked me to visit service station once. I met Vinal in service station. He quickly check everything and told me tht tom it will b solved at any cost. Today morning going extra mile ,he picked up my car from my office and delivered it before the time. I found him very professional, well behaved and very soft spoken.. which already created an positive impression in me. I am very happy, that I choose Mahindra, whose having such a good employees and awesome after sales service.... God bless Mahindra and specially VINAL VISHRAM GURAV and Marshal Trading Company TAURO. Thanks for the wonderful experience God bless you -- THANKS ®ARDS Karan Singh

Baljinder Singh

Baljinder Singh Rajkot

Hi Marshal Trading Company, 1. I was delivered my XUV 300 today. I would like to put across my experience of purchase with Mahindra especially the efforts put in by Mr Kunil Praduman. . At the onset let me put across the overall purchase experience as Phenomenal...I was in touch with Kunil for a csd deal, however the amt model was NA in csd and hence I decided to buy off the shelf. . Kunil from day one was my point of contact and the way he handled things leaves me in awe of his efforts. . My requirement was an immediate delivery and he assured me that the model requested by me is in stock and he will ensure delivery in 10 days. . I came to the show room last Mon, 17 aug and made complete payment. That is when Kunil just took off and his tireless efforts to deliver the car on time bore fruit and he beat his target by 3 days in and delivered the car in 8 days. . I am flabbergasted by the guyz efforts to satisfy a customers need. In fact I kept pestering him for an early delivery and his patience requires special mention. . RTO work in 2 days may be unheard of. People like him are the backbone of any organisation and hence I took some time to write a detailed email. . May he grow from strength to strength and continue contributing unconditionally. . I want to congratulate you on an excellent setup and team. 2. The cars that I have owned over last 20 yrs are wagon R, ford fiesta, Honda Civic and now my contribution to Make in India Mahindra XUV 300. Looking forward to a great association.... Thx and regards, Lt Colonel Baljinder Singh, Veteran.



Hi Tauro, Thanks for your Support to BUY my dream car. Actually When I was thinking to buy a car, Mahindra came in my mind. I called Dealer and asked him , he provided.sale person Number HITESH. I had a discussion with Hitesh first time. Hitesh was explained all details about car and features. The suggestions and benefits from this he told clearly. He provided the best price with offers. To buy a car I disturbed him a lot always he was attended my call and gave the response..He was replied in what is up also during late night. He did a wonderful coordination with RTO person and also delivery persons. It was smooth delivery as per my commitment for my car delivery. Finally I got the delivery on time. I fitted my car accessories smoothly almost. My family was very Happy and delivery and also Happy with Mahindra XUV 300. @Hitesh , Really thanks for your valuable support and Appreciated. I am expecting same kind of support for car service also. Thanks agin for Mahindra andMarshal Trading Company



Sir, I had sent my vehicle for repairs & some body work to your Goregaon workshop few days back . I would like to place on record the services offered regarding bodywork of the vehicle by Mr Siddhesh Desai ( Body shop Advisor ) were very good. He continuously informed at every stage the progress of the work, was very courteous in talking ,knew his job thoroughly . In a service industry of today we rarely find sincere & humble people like him . I would like to record my thanks to the company for this pleasant experience. This letter should be shown to him so he gets motivated to do better in life . Regards Deepak Punjabi

Mr. Rahul

Mr. Rahul Rajkot

Dear Mr. Idrisi, I sincerely appreciated to your time and efforts, you have suggested me for buying Mahindra XUV 300 W8 opt warients model in lockdown periods.i have already booked car kia seltos but you had suggested me for Xuv300 model with all features and sefty that is why I was purchased this car and cancelled previous car booking.i really like this Xuv300 opt model. Thanking you...!! Reagrds, Rahul

Mr. Apoorv Gupta

Mr. Apoorv Gupta Rajkot

Hi Marshal Trading Company Vehicle has been delivered to me and it is really exciting to drive it. Kevin who was handling the entire process made the process very easy and was in regular touch with me updating about every small thing. I had even called him up after working hours and he helped me , so it was a great experience with Kevin. Overall , I would definitely recommend Mahindra to my friends considering the customer service. Even the accessories was delivered to me on time . Regards Apoorv gupta

Mr. Hrishi Shirgaonkar

Mr. Hrishi Shirgaonkar Rajkot

Hello Marshal Trading Team, Would like to express my gratitude for the service provided by your whole team in delivering the vehicle to me. The process started from getting a quotation and further to that i have noticed an uninterrupted service from your team until i get the delivery. I would like to specially highlight the service provided by Mr. Kevin Patel, as since his approach to me as a general enquiry upto further demos, features, right model selection etc. was well coordinated. Overall I would like to rate the experience as 10/10 toMarshal Trading Company for my purchase experience. Hope I will get similar experience in maintenance and run going ahead. Regards Hrishikesh Shirgaonkar

DS Ahluwalia

DS Ahluwalia Rajkot

Dear Kunil, - This is to express my appreciation for your keen involvement throughout the process of my purchase of XUV 300 through CSD. - I am happy that you were the point person in the process as my workload was considerably eased due to your guidance. - You have been exceptionally proactive to ensure timely allotment of number by RTO as well procurement of HS number plate. With this the car was delivered ahead of the date originally promised and was a matter of great relief since I was scheduled to be away from Rajkot from the 15th of Aug. - I also wish to commend you on your good knowledge of the car and your demo served as a great Quick start guide - On the whole I am proud to be owning a Mahindra Car and wish you success in your career. I also wish Mahindra andMarshal Trading Company the very best. May your sales graph be continually climbing. Best Wishes, Air Cmde DS Ahluwalia ( Veteran) -- Daljeet Ahluwalia

Mr. Santosh Saxena

Mr. Santosh Saxena Rajkot

Thanks to Mahindra showroom to given me on time delivery very outstanding service given me Mr. Marshal he guid me all things I am very happy with your service. All my family happy our new car . I give my feedback about Marshal I give point 10of all 10. Thanks Marshal and All Mahindra family. Thanking you sir, (Santosh Saxena) Happy Customer who Brought Mahindra XUV3OO Petrol.

Mr. Jigesh Sidhpura

Mr. Jigesh Sidhpura Rajkot

Dear Team Mahindra, My family & me wanted to take the time to thank you for the exceptional service provided to us on behalf of Mahindra, by Sr. Sales Consultant : Mr. Sagar Hadap alongwith Mr. Satyavaan from accessories department, in full support from Sales Manager- Mr. Girish Gujral. The experience we shared with you’ll for our purchase of XUV-300 Petrol B6, W6 Model have compelled us to sincerely appreciate your exceptional customer service by Mr. Sagar Hadap of always being available to consistently handle all our queries/doubts from the time of our first token, loan processing, shortlisting accessories, until the final exit with car delivery. The final car made was exactly upto the mark finally leaving us with excellent customer service demonstrated and the professional way you’ll conducted this deal End To End leaves us with a feeling of customer delight!!! Once again, many thanks and we would assure to recommend Mahindra specially for its customer service experience through our word of mouth!!! Thanking you, Extremely Happy & Satisfied Customer Mr. Jigesh & Mrs. Tanvi Sidhpura.

Mr. Aniruddha Pal

Mr. Aniruddha Pal Rajkot

Dear Marshal Thank you with all my heart for all your hard work and cooperation to make my vehicle purchase smooth along with making sure the finance come through amidst all difficulties. I really appreciate your follow up and convincing me with your expertise to decide on the vehicle as I was not willing to buy this initially as the person attending to me was not well versed . I really appreciate your persistence inspite of covid to ensure this comes through . I also thank rest of the Mahindra team for their support I will certainly refer your dealership to my friends ! Keep up the good job and wish you all the best ! Warm Regards Aniruddha Pal

Mr. Shirish Satam

Mr. Shirish Satam Rajkot

We booked a XUV 300 W8 AMT in the month of June at yourMarshal Trading Company showroom in Marshal Trading Company in the name of Sneha Satam. I was assisted by Marshal Trading Company and his senior Mr. Ambuj Maurya. I am a Mahindra vehicle loyalist. Previously owned a Scorpio. I would like to say this time too it was a very pleasant experience buying this vehicle, thanks to both these guys. I was impressed with the super fast delivery (in two weeks) inspite of the Covid pandemic limitations. Their follow-ups were good too and they kept me updated regularly about the status of the car. As for the vehicle, I would like to say, I am majorly impressed by the various features provided. (Still discovering) Two suggestions: 1. Though AC is powerful, separate AC Vents for second row would make a great difference. 2. Hat rack/shelf should be part of standard feature (Just about every car manufacturer is providing it) I feel XUV 300 is the best vehicle in it is category and I recommend it to everyone who would like to own a mid size SUV. I would like to give Marshal Trading Company and Ambuj full marks for their knowledge of the product, efficiency and customer service. Regards, Shirish Satam Another satisfied customer.

Mr. Lalit Sharma

Mr. Lalit Sharma Rajkot

Dear Sagar, I really want to say Thank You, Marshal Trading Company Ltd (Marshal Trading Company branch) for Excellent service, Transparency and Constant update for each steps starting booking till delivery. I am very happy with the services I have received from you and Expect the same in Future as-well as now I am also part of Mahindra family. Again Thanks

Mr. Bipin Batra

Mr. Bipin Batra Rajkot

Dear Ms. Tauro, Mr. Santan has been regularly following up with us on technical issues. He has promised to visit us for a live demo once the lockdown is over. We are very happy with your after sales service and hope this will continue into the future as well. Sincerely, Bipin Batra

Ashish Garg

Ashish Garg Rajkot

Overall experience was excellent , right from the date of booking till delivery. Appreciation for Marshal Trading Company and Neetha for being patient in addressing the queries and being courteous. Thanks to allMarshal Trading Company staff for a lovely ceremony and experience. The vibrancy amongst the staff is beyond description. We hope to have greater experiences .

Seema patil

Seema patil Rajkot

Excellent service from mr Rakesh they are excellent and extremely cooprative.the enviorment is fabulous for new car delivery . It will always cherish in my memory...

Parth Sant

Parth Sant Rajkot

Really loved how smooth the buying process was. Even though I asked for a early delivery, there was no lack in the customer service. Will highly recommend Marshal Trading Company bhai! Great service.

Rajesh Gajjar

Rajesh Gajjar Rajkot

My wife had purchased XUV 300 from your Marshal Trading Company Showroom. The service provided from this showroom right from providing test drive to delivery of new vehicle, documentation was truly exceptional. I hope to get similar service at the service station when vehicle will go for servicing. Mr Naeem, Mr Gaikwad, Mr Santan and Ms Marshal Trading Company, were very cooperative and responded to WhatsApp queries, phone calls, even came to assist us in completing the banking process by providing immediate documentation that the banks were asking. The Delivery of vehicle itself was also an experience in itself. Mr Santan has spent more than 3 hours in explaining the vehicle and its functions. Totally satisfied with the service provided. Full marks to them. The ambience at the Showroom is also impressionable however, need to be air-conditioned completely. Hope it will be done soon. We did not have to wait for accessories fitment as it was done prior to our arrival and vehicle was delivered bang on time. Wish all the staff and executives to keep up the good work and don not give opportunity to say any bad words on service. thanks once again.

Hanisha Dharamsey

Hanisha Dharamsey Rajkot

I would sincerely like to thank Ms. Lalita from the Marshal Trading Company outlet for helping me with my query, she went out of her way to get me the relevant information. Once again, thanks a ton Lalita, you have a very positive and helpful approach, qudos

Avni Patel

Avni Patel Rajkot

I bought a XUV 500 new 2018 model fromMarshal Trading Company Rajkot showroom. I was extremely happy with the service. It was very professional and the delivery of the car was on the day I wanted it. They made every effort to make the delivery a special and memorable experience. A special mention of Mr Hitesh Chaurasia and Mr Sandeep who were extremely helpful at every step. Thank you very much for everything and looking forward to a long term relationship with Mahindra. Keep up the good work. Thank you, Regards, Dr Jeson

Rohinton Ranji

Rohinton Ranji Rajkot

Good Day to All at Mahindra! This is a feedback on the purchasing experience, which I am compelled to give you, after my purchase of the Mahindra Bolero ZLX POWER Plus BS4. my main point of contact at Marshal Trading Company Ltd. was Mr. Sanjay Gupta who was very knowledgeable of the products he was selling. He took us through details of several types of cars ranging within reach of our budget till we narrowed down on the vehicle we finally purchased. We are very thankful to him for his patience in answering some of our queries. He was excellent and exemplary in his dealing with us. Another person worth noticing was Mr. Sydney Pareira, who answered all our technical queries very professionally during the test drives and in the office. This also helped in need-based decision making. His explanations on visiting us at home, after the sale, was also very helpful, ironing out most of the wrinkles one gets from a new model of vehicle. He is another outstanding asset you have in your team. We were also impressed with the system and the well chalked-out procedures for each sale, making it a very smooth experience. Thank you and we also hope for an excellent after-sales service provided to us, without disappointment. Keep it up! Thanks/Brgds Capt. Rohinton P. Ranji



I VIRAL Desai the son of Mr. Megharam Desai would like to share my delightful experience of purchasing a vehicle from Marshal Trading Company that how they have made it possible to deliver me the vehicle so soon with such a smooth process it has been a wonderful experience of purchasing a vehicle from them i wish i Marshal Trading Company hires such more staff like them so that all the costumer have the wonderful experience like me thank you for all your help and as promised by Mr. Kashif Merchant he gave me the delivery on the promised date which was tuff to deliver but hard work paid off well All the best for your future and thank you so much Thanks & Regards VIRAL. DESAI

Megharam Shah

Megharam Shah Rajkot

I am Megharam Shah purchased a Bolero SLX . Earlier I was planning to buy Sumo Gold but when I went Mahindra Marshal Trading Company LTD showroom in Rajkot & We were assigned to one of your sales concern Marshal Trading Company who is really a great asset for your company as far our experience with him. who is Customer Centric , Polite , clears doubt and Queries on real time basis, Proper Guidance provided maximum benefits to customer, He explained me all the features & also make me understand that why should I use Mahindra compare to other brands I must say that I continued with my mind to buy this car due to Hammad persuasiveness and his senior has promise us the delivery date and he kept his promise. Also, made the delivery a special day for us. I would underline and say thatMarshal Trading Company is the best as far our experience. I have dealt with other car companies in the past and can tell you that Mahindra is long ahead in placing customer ahead of everything else in sales. I look forward to similar experience in after sales service too! Please feel free to reach me if you need additional feedback. I wish the team, the very best to continue a similar experience for future too. Once again thanks.

Jabara Mali

Jabara Mali Rajkot

I would like to share my experience with you on the part that recently I have purchased a Mahindra Bolero Power Plus ZLX White from your Marshal Trading Company LTD , Rajkot showroom . Marshal Trading Company your customer service executive is a good asset for your organization and an excellent service delivery player. I am writing to let you know how much I appreciate the outstanding customer service that Marshal Trading Company has provided. He is very attentive and helpful, very knowledgeable, interested in helping all time. Because of his effort, I was able to find exactly what I needed and I am very much satisfied with my newly purchased car. Please recognize him and let him know that his efforts did not go unnoticed. Thanks Hammad for his extended support again........... You have put together a great team that makes customers feel respected and valued. All the best &…………..Happy Selling!!!!!!!!!!! Regards, Jabara Ram Mali

Nilesh Gupta

Nilesh Gupta Rajkot

I did not like service from Mahindra outlet based in Kurla west for commercial vehicle. It takes more than 3 months time to get the vehicle

Pratik Sengupta

Pratik Sengupta Rajkot

I would like to congratulate you on the quality of resources that you have managed to have on board, which, apart from your product features, pricing & quality, is one of the primary reasons that a customer would like to consider and re-consider buying a Mahindra vehicle.I would like to highlight the effort and diligence showed by your entire sales/sales process team atMarshal Trading Company.

zubin sanghvi

zubin sanghvi Rajkot

Thank you for your prompt service and helping me fulfill a dream for myself and my Family. Appreciate the brilliant service by Marshal Trading Team.

Lavlesh Singh

Lavlesh Singh Rajkot

Good information and cooperation by Akshata and Sydney Pereira.

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